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8 types of plant-based menus are now gluten-free!

The global gluten-free market is expanding due to rising needs for wheat allergies, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and diet.At the Oizumi factory NISHIAZABU, we are developing food products that can be eaten in or taken out so that you can easily experience organic and plant-based products under the concept of "friendly to people and friendly to the earth."All 8 types of food products made with only plant-based ingredients have been renewed to gluten-free.

Food products that meet the needs of various customers, such as those who care about their health, those who want to eat plenty of vegetables, those who want to eat a hearty meal but aspire to a healthy diet, and those who have wheat allergies. We have prepared

Spicy Veg Keema Curry

Spicy veggie curry / 1,250 yen (tax included)
A spicy anhydrous curry made with 10 kinds of spices and water from Hokkaido tomatoes and onions.The raw material is plant-based only, and by using sprouted soy meat, we have reproduced the umami and satisfaction of meat.

mild spice curry

Mild spice curry / 1,250 yen (tax included)
A curry made with fermented soybean food "Tempest" that is finely ground like minced meat and XNUMX kinds of vegetables.It has a mild taste based on coconut milk that can be enjoyed by children.Rice uses brown rice grown without using pesticides.

Taco rice

Taco rice / 1,250 yen (tax included)
Arrange the fermented soybean food "Tempest" with a tomato-flavored seasoning and top it with brown rice.Finished with homemade soy mayonnaise for a rich taste.A colorful dish that uses plenty of root vegetables such as burdock and lotus root, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.

Tempeh cutlet plate

Tempeh cutlet plate / 1,250 yen (tax included)
A plant-based cutlet made by adding gluten-free bread crumbs (based on rice flour) to Tempest, a fermented soybean food, and frying it crisply.If you like, please enjoy with our homemade sauce and soy mayonnaise.It is one of the most hearty dishes on the food menu, but since it is plant-based, you can enjoy it healthy and without feeling heavy stomach.

Seasonal soup

Seasonal soup / 650 yen (tax included)
We use plenty of seasonal vegetables.It's a perfect soup when you're hungry.

Gluten-free muffins and gluten-free cookies

Gluten-free muffin / 350 yen (tax included)・Gluten-free cookie / 300 yen (tax included)
Based on rice flour, it is baked daily in the store.I was conscious of the fluffy and soft texture that does not make you feel that wheat flour is not used.Flavors change daily, and seasonal flavors using seasonal vegetables and fruits are also available.No additives, preservatives, or colorings, sweets that make the most of the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves.It's a perfect dish for breakfast or between meals.

Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU

It is a place where customers can easily touch and stop by organic and plant bases.The store offers seasonal organic vegetables and grocery products, "KOMBUCHA_SHIP" using domestically produced natural ingredients, cold pressed juice, and plant-based menus.

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Oizumi Factory NISHIAZABU
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