Plastic-free and sustainable solid cleansing "Solid Facial Cleanser Aloe Vera" is now on sale from German organic cosmetic brand LOGONA!


◎ Outer box is 100% recycled paper
◎ No petroleum-based ink
◎ Manufactured in a factory that considers CO2 (carbon) neutral sustainability
◎ Reduces CO2 during transportation because it is lighter than liquid
◎ Because it is not a liquid, there are no restrictions on what you can carry on board an airplane, making it convenient for travel.

Logona Solid Facial Cleanser <Aloe Vera>

A long-awaited solid cleanser from the "Classic Series" for sensitive to normal skin.This product is adjusted to the optimum pH value for your skin, and cleanses away sebum and makeup.No need to double cleanse.In addition to hyaluronic acid and aloe juice, moisturizing ingredients such as almonds, cocoa butter, and shea butter protect your skin from dryness.

■ Contents: 60g
■Price: 1,980 yen (1,800 yen excluding tax)
All ingredients: Sodium cocoalkyl sulfate, cetearyl alcohol, sea salt, almond oil, glycerin, citric acid, talc, cacao butter*, inulin, shea butter*, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera leaf juice*, water, fragrance, konjo.
Ingredients marked with * are certified organic ingredients in Europe
■ Certification: Nature Vegan

■How to use: After soaking in plenty of water, lather lightly, apply to face and rinse well.Using a foaming net makes it easier to foam.
*Since it is not soap, it does not lather well, but it can remove dirt properly.

About Logona

In 1975, the cosmetics brand "Logona" was born from an organic shop in Germany.Since the days without certification, we have been making products applying European phytotherapy based on our knowledge as the founder Heilpraktiker.The product contains the maximum amount of carefully selected organic ingredients without using any petroleum-derived ingredients, and has grown to become a pioneer of natural cosmetics all over the world, as a group of organic cosmetics "Logocos". development.From the beginning, herbal extracts have been extracted at our own factory, and the type is said to be the best in the organic cosmetics industry."Products that can be used by women, men, and the whole family, from head to toe," manufactured in a GMP-standard factory that contains a special herbal extract.You can experience the reliable quality that has acquired the natural & organic certification of a third party.

Logona Japan Co., Ltd.
650-0031 Higashimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 123-1
TEL: 03-3288-3122 (Tokyo branch)

▽ Logona official brand site

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