The meal-based smoothie "Baby Oatmeal Banana" has joined the organic baby food brand "babybio" from France!

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Organic baby oatmeal banana

Smoothie-type oatmeal made from organic oats and bananas.Characterized by the firm response of oats and the gentle sweetness of bananas, it can be enjoyed by children and adults as a substitute for snacks and staple foods.

Contents amount: 85g
Price: 320 yen (excluding tax)
Country of origin: France
Ingredients: Organic Banana, Organic Oat, Organic Lemon

◎ No sugar, fragrance or antioxidants used
◎ Foods for infants
◎ From about 6 months after birth

About babybio

Baby Bio was founded in France in 1996 as a brand specializing in organic baby food.Developed the first organic baby milk in France.We stick to French ingredients as much as possible and build continuous relationships with producers.It is manufactured with a recipe similar to homemade baby food, using as little sugar and other sweeteners and additives as possible.We also make environmentally friendly products, such as making packages recyclable.

About raw materials

All raw materials are organic materials.We use fruits and vegetables harvested in neighboring European countries (Spain, Italy, etc.), mainly in France.These areas are blessed with a climate and geology suitable for cultivation, and grow into sweet and juicy crops.No additives such as sweeteners are used.

About the package

◎ BPA (without bisphenol)
Bisphenol A is a chemical component that is said to have the potential to lead to hormonal abnormalities, and its use in packaging materials has begun to be restricted in the EU and the United States.

◎ Uses a cap to prevent accidental ingestion.
A large cap prevents accidental ingestion by children.

Infant standard applicable food

As a standard value for radioactive substances in food, a lower standard value (1 Bq / kg) is applied to baby foods for children under 50 year old than general foods.It is assumed that customers cannot determine whether or not a product is subject to the standards for baby foods, and it is obligatory to show this in an easy-to-understand manner for "foods that meet the standards for infants".

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