Alishan Co., Ltd., whose corporate philosophy is to "share" deliciousness and abundance through food, and whose vision is to leave food options that are close to a sustainable future, is a 100% vegetable alternative seafood "OMNI Tuna (OMNI Tuna). Omnitsuna) ”is now on sale.

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Sustainability of required seafood

In recent years, alternative foods using vegetable ingredients such as meat substitutes have become common in Japan.Recently, attention has been focused on alternative foods for "meat", but the global ecosystem is greatly affected by the production and consumption of seafood as well as meat.

◎ Excessive consumption due to rapid increase in human demand for fish and shellfish
◎ Depletion of marine products due to overfishing
◎ Marine pollution caused by chemical substances and microplastics

Sustainability is also required in the world of seafood.In particular, Japan is said to be a "fish-eating powerhouse", and it is difficult to catch fish in the sea, so if the number of fish continues to decrease, it may not be possible to eat fish in the future.I am concerned.


OMNI Tuna [pickled in oil]

■ Price: 350 yen
■ Contents: 100g
■ Ingredients: processed soybeans, rapeseed oil, wheat gluten, seasonings (maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, potato starch, algae oil), wheat starch, fragrance, salt, concentrated carrot juice, vegetable extract (soybean, carrot, celery) , Yeast extract
■ Calories (per 100g): 169kcal
■ Dealers: National Azabu, Super Maruoka, etc. Alisan product dealers

OMNI tuna, which is mainly made from soybeans, is a sustainable product for eaters, so we are particular about the quality of the raw materials.

[Points that make us happy with the earth and body]
◎ Mercury-free
◎ Cholesterol-free
◎ Trans fatty acid free
◎ Contains 12.7g of protein * Per 100g
◎ Contains 450mg of omega 100 fatty acid α-linolenic acid * Per XNUMXg
◎ No preservatives used
◎ No antibiotics used * Per 100g

It's like the real thing! ??Various arrangements!

OMNI Tuna is made from soybeans and 100% botanical ingredients.The texture and flavor that imitates tuna is reminiscent of a real tuna can.It can be incorporated into the daily dining table menu, just like a conventional tuna can.

◎ Can be stored at room temperature
◎ You can eat without cooking just by opening the can
◎ The taste is like a conventional tuna can
◎ Lots of arrangements such as sandwiches, toasts, pizzas, salads and sushi!

▽ Alishan Co., Ltd.

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