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2foods Available at 6 stores in Tokyo and online shops

Plant-based food brand "2foods" with the concept of "healthy junk food", frozen type plant-based egg "Ever Egg", plant-based omelet rice "Ever Egg omelet rice" using "Ever Egg" Will be on sale from June 2022, 6 (Wednesday) at 1foods online shop and 2foods 2 stores in Tokyo!

In March of this year, at the support purchase service "Makuake"Pre-order salePlant-based omelet rice.This omelet rice, which is loved by a wide range of generations and pursues a full-fledged "fluffy" texture, has achieved the target amount in 4 hours from the start of sales!At the end, more than 1,100 supporters supported us.

This time, we will sell not only "Ever Egg Omurice" but also the plant-based egg "Ever Egg" alone.Conventionally, when realizing foods containing protein (meat, eggs, etc.) on a plant basis, beans such as soybeans are often made as the main ingredient, but in order to pursue the "fluffy" texture of eggs. , 2foods and Kagome have developed "Ever Egg" using carrots and white soybeans as raw materials from a combination of more than 100 patterns of raw materials.

You can freely arrange other than omelet rice, and enjoy the special "fluffy" texture and egg-like flavor with various menus.

Ever Egg

Carrots and white beans are used instead of soybeans, which are mainly used as raw materials for plant-based eggs. We have developed this "Ever Egg" using the original technology "vegetable semi-ripening manufacturing method" that was devised from the ideas and technologies of 2foods and Kagome.It is also a big point that it does not harden even if it is heated in a water bath or a microwave oven, and the particular "fluffy" feeling continues.

Ever Egg
■ Contents: 1 bag 130g / 1 bag
■ Sales price:
[Over-the-counter sales] 1 yen per piece
[2foods online shop] 5 pieces set: 2,400 yen / 10 pieces set: 4,600 yen / 15 pieces set: 6,750 yen (shipping fee not included)

Ever egg omelet rice

A plant-based omelet rice that uses the plant-based egg "Ever Egg" and aims for a "fluffy" texture that appears in Western restaurants.Plant-based chicken rice pursues the elasticity and fibrous texture of meat without using chicken.

We have prepared two types of sauces, "Plant-based demiglace sauce" and "Plant-based tomato ketchup".

Ever egg omelet rice
■ Contents:
[Ever egg] 1 bag 130g / 1 bag
[Plant-based chicken rice] 140g / 1 bag
[Plant-based demiglace sauce] 80g / bag
[Plant-based tomato ketchup] 40g / 1 bag

■ Set contents / selling price:
[Over-the-counter sales] One meal set: 1 yen * Plant-based tomato ketchup is not sold.
(Ever egg x 1, plant-based chicken rice x 1, plant-based demiglace sauce x 1)

[2foods online shop] 4 meals set: 5,400 yen (shipping not included) * Limited quantity
(Ever egg x 4, plant-based chicken rice x 4, plant-based demiglace sauce x 2, plant-based tomato ketchup x 2)

Plant-based food brand "2foods"

2foods is a plant-based food brand from Japan with the concept of "healthy junk food".Efforts to realize an ethical society, addictive deliciousness, exciting beautiful visuals, rich scents that are appetizing, affordable price and familiar existence "Yummy", ethical such as consideration for the global environment We are disseminating a new plant-based food culture for the realization of a new society.

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