From the plant-based food brand "2foods" with the concept of "healthy junk food," two types of plant-based hamburgers, "Spicy Junk Burger" and "Thick Avocado Burger," will be released on Thursday, April 2, 2022. !!We will deliver a hamburger that you can feel junk with the volume and color of the hamburger, juicy patty and punchy sauce, and tortilla chips on the side menu.


Development background

The hamburger lineup was conceived more than a year before the brand was founded.Commercially available plant-based hamburgers have a healthy impression due to the fact that they sandwich a lot of vegetables and have a light taste, so whoever eats hamburgers on a daily basis at 1foods or who incorporates plant-based foods into their diet. We have been working on menu development with the aim of creating a hamburger that is satisfying to eat.

In the development of patties, we are particular about the taste and graininess that are satisfying to eat.We baked the patties hundreds of times and repeated trial production in order to make the patties deliciously eaten as one hamburger including buns, vegetables and sauce while making the best use of the texture of the patties.

We are fully prepared to release the hamburger, which is the royal road of junk food.

Spicy junk burger

"Spicy junk burger" with plenty of vegetables, plant-based cheese and special tomato sauce

Takeout: 1,296 yen (tax included)
Eat-in: 1,320 yen (tax included)

2foods original burger with plenty of cheese sauce as an icon.
You can choose from two types of plant-based patties: juicy patties with spices and thick, plump patties.Patty is complemented by plenty of vegetables that are well-balanced sandwiched in fluffy buns made from domestic wheat and whole grains, and an appetizing tomato-based original sauce.It is a hamburger boasting 2foods that is excellent for eating and makes you want to hang out.

Rich teriyaki avocado burger

"Thick teriyaki avocado burger" where special tartar sauce and sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce are intertwined

Takeout: 1,296 yen (tax included)
Eat-in: 1,320 yen (tax included)

2foods teriyaki burger with rich tartar sauce and rich sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce.You can choose from two types of plant-based patties: juicy patties with spices and thick, plump patties.A hamburger with a perfect balance of richness and umami, sandwiched between avocado and fresh crispy vegetables.

* Two plant-based sliced ​​cheeses can be added for 2 yen as an option.

New style plant-based sweets proposed by 2foods

At 2foods, we want you to enjoy a surprising menu on a plant basis even with sweets, so we use ultra-fine brown rice powder made by a special manufacturing method to achieve rich, smooth and smooth texture, and smooth and plump food. We have developed various sweets such as plant-based pudding with a feeling.

The "broiled rare cheese cake" and "caramel apple pie" to be released this time are surprising that these sweets are plant-based, and at the same time, we propose a new style of sweets unique to 2foods.

Roasted rare cheese cake

Creamy "broiled rare cheese cake" using plant-based cream cheese

Takeout: 667 yen (tax included)
Eat-in: 680 yen (tax included)

In order to achieve a rare texture that melts softly the moment you put it on your tongue, we have developed our own plant-based cream cheese, which has a melting point of 32 ° C, which is lower than body temperature, by repeating trial production many times.At Eat-in, it is a new style cheesecake that you can enjoy the fragrance and crisp texture of bruled organic sugar and the harmony of creamy mouthfeel by roasting it just before serving.

Caramel apple pie

"Caramel apple pie" using specially cultivated apples with skin

Takeout: 667 yen (tax included)
Eat-in: 680 yen (tax included)

Normally, apple pie is made by wrapping apples in pie crust and baking it, but this caramel apple pie is an apple cake made from specially cultivated apples with skin, and then sprinkled with homemade caramel to add pie. It is a new style to do.The scent of apples spreads throughout your mouth, and you can enjoy the crispness of the pie.

Plant-based food brand "2foods"

2foods is a plant-based food brand from Japan with the concept of "healthy junk food".Efforts to realize an ethical society, addictive deliciousness, exciting beautiful visuals, rich scents that are appetizing, affordable price and familiar existence "Yummy", ethical such as consideration for the global environment We are disseminating a new plant-based food culture for the realization of a new society.

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