From the vegan meal kit brand "Purple Carrot", a new menu "Veggie soup with sardines" is now available! It will be on sale from March 2022, 3 (Thursday).The meal kit using okoge is popular in Purple Carrot, and the "Ankake Chinese okoge" sold in 3 has been well received by customers for its crispy texture and aroma, and 2020 meals have been shipped.This time, the gentle taste of 2.5 kinds of vegetables is a new menu that warms your mind and body.

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A menu that pleases the body, where you can get nutrition while warming the body from the inside

"Ankake Chinese okoge", which has shipped a total of 2.5 meals, is now available as a "vegetable soup with okoge" that warms your body! Ankake Chinese food, which went on sale in 2020, has many customers who are addicted to its crispy texture and fragrance, and have shipped a total of 2.5 meals.This time, using the popular okoge, we have started selling a new menu "Veggie Soup with okoge" that is perfect for the beginning of spring when it is still cold.

The main dish is a veggie soup that is made by dipping a crispy soup that is hard to eat at home in a soup full of vegetables.A full-fledged taste accented with coriander and chili oil.The side dish is burdock and kneaded savory baked in sesame oil and entwined with a special garlic soy sauce sauce.It is a menu that pleases the body, where you can get plenty of nutrition while warming the body with thick soup and 7 kinds of vegetables.

■ [Vegan] Veggie soup with aburaage / Grilled vegetables and grilled
Sale period: Thursday, March 2022, 3 3:10 to March 00, 3:10
Price: 2 yen (tax included) for 1,717 people

"EAT MORE PLANTS" for a dining table that is kind to the earth and the body

1.8 members, Purple Carrot meal kit shipments exceeded 120 million meals!With the recent rise in health consciousness, plant-based diets that are "healthy and full of vegetables" are gradually expanding.In addition, plant-based foods such as meat substitutes are increasing in order to suppress the generation of greenhouse gases due to livestock farming, and restaurants and convenience stores are announcing plant-based menus, indicating new needs and an increase in users.

At Purple Carrot, we have set up "EAT MORE PLANTS" to easily incorporate plant-based meals into our daily lives as "one of the options" and to balance our lifestyle with our own.Since the service started in October 2019, the number of Purple Carrot meal kits shipped has exceeded 10 million meals, and the number of registered Purple Carrot courses has exceeded 120 (as of the end of February 1.8).

About Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegetable-based meal kit brand that anyone can realize "EAT MORE PLANTS".A meal kit that allows people who usually enjoy meat and fish to easily realize a plant-based meal at home in 20 minutes will receive all the ingredients and recipes, so no difficult knowledge or time is required.

2019年10月より70種類を超えるメニューを開発し、「ヘルシーで野菜たっぷり」が叶うミールキットの出荷数は累計120万食以上※1、Purple Carrotコースの登録者数は1.8万人※2を超え、一層その支持を広げています。2021年2月には『ソーシャルプロダクツ・アワード2021』にて持続可能な食生活を提案している点が評価され「ソーシャルプロダクツ賞」を受賞しました。

* 1: Cumulative shipment of Purple Carrot meal kits from November 2019 to February 11
* 2: Total number of registered users of Purple Carrot course started in February and November 2020

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