Just eating it contributes to the SDGs.Vegetable sheet "Organic Vegito" is now on sale!

"Organic Vegito" is a healthy food made from vegetables using the technology of seaweed.You can easily take in the nutrients and umami of organic vegetables by simply putting the ingredients in and rolling it, sandwiching it in a sandwich, or placing it on toast or crackers.In addition, chickpeas are also newly added to this new product.Along with dietary fiber, we have made a happy evolution in that we can also ingest protein.Why don't you try incorporating organic vegetables into your daily life with veggie, which is easier than raw vegetables?

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Reduce food loss

"Organic vegetables" use "non-standard vegetables" that are discarded just because "the shape and color do not meet the regulations", which also contributes to the reduction of food loss.

Friendly to the whole family, from babies to the elderly

28 allergens free, gluten free, 100% vegetable material used.Also, when it is soaked in water, it becomes a jelly or soup, so it is perfect for baby food and long-term care food, and it can be enjoyed by children and adults with peace of mind, as well as vegetarians and other people with various eating habits. It is attracting attention from all over the world because it can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Colorful and fun!

"Organic vegetables" are characterized by not only nutrients but also gorgeous colors.With a unique manufacturing method that makes the most of the natural colors without using coloring agents, the table will be gorgeous at once no matter what kind of dish you add.It is also recommended for making lunch boxes and sweets.

Just roll it up for a feast!

Tear it off and put it on the granola

If you sprinkle it, it will be colorful and gorgeous

Sandwiched between

About the vegetable sheet "Vegito"

"Vegito" is a food that uses the technology of seaweed to condense the flavors and nutrients of vegetables into a sheet.Non-standard vegetables are used as the material, which is sustainable and contributes to the reduction of food loss.Also, it is made from vegetables, chickpeas and agar, is rich in dietary fiber, and can be stored at room temperature for 2 years even though it does not use chemical seasonings.It does not use 28 allergens and is perfect for baby food and long-term care food, and is attracting attention from all over the world.It is also rich in nutrients, such as carrot flavor, which allows you to consume 16 times more fiber than you would with regular carrots (if you consume the same number of grams).

Organic vegetables

■ Contents: 1 pieces per bag
■ Price: 430 yen (tax included)

Organic Veggie Sheet Onion
Organic vegetables (onions)
■ Ingredients: Organic onions (domestic), organic chickpeas (US), agar

Organic vegetables (carrots)
Ingredients: Organic garlic (domestic), organic chickpeas (US), agar

Organic vegetables (tomatoes)
Ingredients: Organic tomatoes (Spanish), Organic winter melon (domestic), Organic chickpeas (US), Agar

Organic vegetables (pumpkin)
Ingredients: Organic pumpkin (domestic), organic winter melon (domestic), organic chickpeas (US), agar

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