At "1110 CAFE / BAKERY" operated by Oizumi Kojo Co., Ltd., the plant will be planted from November 2021th (Sat) to December 11th (Sat), 27 with the theme of the winter tradition "Christmas market". We will sell a limited Christmas menu based on it.

Let's enjoy Christmas in a way that is kind to the body and the environment!

The seasonal menu reminiscent of the European "Christmas market" has been reproduced on a plant basis.

We provide seasonal organic vegetables and yeast-free flower yeast (natural yeast) buckets on one plate for "Cheese fondue" using vegan cheese and "Ahijo" accented with in-house grown rosemary. ..We also have a menu that you can enjoy at tea time after meals such as "Panettone" and "Maple Spice Latte", which are traditional sweet buns that can be eaten in Italy at Christmas.

Please spend a special time warming your mind and body with 1110 CAFE / BAKERY.

cheese fondue

Cheese fondue 1,400 yen (tax included)
Sale period: November 2021th (Sat) -December 11th (Fri), 27
I made fondue with organic white wine and vegan cheese (soy milk cheese).It is a dish that you can enjoy seasonal organic vegetables warmly.


Ahijo 1,400 yen (tax included)
Sale period: December 2021th (Sat) -December 12th (Sat), 11
Accented with rosemary from our herb garden.Excellent compatibility with low-calorie and healthy flower yeast (natural yeast) buckets.


Panettone 380 yen (tax included)
Sale period: December 2021th (Sat) -December 11th (Sat), 27
A traditional sweet bun that can be eaten in Italy for Christmas. It contains 5 kinds of dried fruits, walnuts and oats.

Maple spice latte

Maple spice latte 550 yen (tax included)
Sale period: December 2021th (Sat) -December 11th (Sat), 27
It is a cup that you can enjoy the rich sweetness of maple.By using cinnamon and star anise for toppings, we expressed a rich taste.Soy milk is used for milk.


The concept of the store is that the three environments of "nature," "life," and "body" become "○ (maru) = beautiful," and the PLANT BASED MENU, which creates carefully selected materials with a unique combination, and craftsmen carefully bake each one in a kiln. Enjoying freshly made bread in a lush garden, everything is a new sense of CAFE & BAKERY.

■ Address: 332-0004-5 Ryoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 4-1
■ TEL: 048-229-1085
■ Business hours: 8: 00-16: 00 (LO food and drink 15: 00 / Regular holiday: Monday * If Monday is a national holiday, the next Tuesday)
・ ALLDAY BREAKFAST (8: 00-15: 00)
・ LUNCH (11: 00-15: 00)
■ Number of seats: 34 seats (inside the store: 12 seats, terrace seats: 22 seats)

FOOD: Veggie Benedict, French toast, KNOT egg sandwich, etc.
BAKERY: 1110 ・ Bucket, Leysin, Pandomi ・ 1110, ANPAN, etc.
DRINK: Organic Americano, Organic Plant-based Latte, Organic Tea, etc.

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Store information is posted on "ORGANIC PRESS".

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