From the vegan meal kit brand "Purple Carrot", "Plum scented kneaded mayo bowl" using "Plum dried fruit", a product that utilizes the pulp of plums that have finished the role of making plum wine, will be released in November 2021. Sales start on Thursday, 11th.Food loss reduction × It is a vegan meal kit that is kind to both the earth and the body.

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Use up-cycle products to reduce food loss

With the recent rise in health consciousness, vegan foods that are "healthy and full of vegetables" are becoming more popular.In addition, plant-derived foods such as meat substitutes are increasing in order to suppress the generation of greenhouse gases due to livestock, and restaurants and convenience stores are announcing vegan menus, indicating new needs and the expansion of users.Furthermore, November 11st is "World Vegan Day" set by the Vegan Society of England, and it is expected that vegans will attract attention.

At Purple Carrot, we advocate "sometimes vegan" to incorporate vegan into our daily lives as "one of the options" and to balance it with our own lifestyle.Two years have passed since the service started in Japan, the cumulative number of vegan meal kits shipped in the series has exceeded 2 million meals, and the number of regular members of the Purple Carrot course has exceeded 100 (October 1, 6000). At the time).We will continue to aim to enjoy vegan more widely through meal kits that can be easily cooked at home.

This time, we have developed a menu using the up-cycle product "Plum Dried Fruit" that utilizes the pulp of plums that have finished the role of making plum wine. "Food loss reduction x vegan" makes it a meal kit that is kind to both the earth and the body.

Up-cycle product "Plum dried fruit"

Delicious plums of plum wine that were thrown away even though they could be eaten

The plums used to make plum wine are delicious foods, but due to the difficulty of processing, they were rarely used.In order to deliver the deliciousness of such plums, we have arranged the menu "Shiri Mayo Salad Bowl", which is popular with customers, into a menu using plums.

By combining dried plums with plum vinegar, you can feel the mellow saltiness in the moist texture and the gentle aroma of plums, and the taste of vegetables and rice with chopsticks.Enjoy a vegan menu that is kind to both the earth and the body.

[Vegan] Mayonnaise bowl with plum scent
Sale period: Thursday, December 2021, 11 11:10 to Thursday, December 00, 11:18
Price: 2 yen (tax included) for 1501 people

About Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit brand that anyone can realize "sometimes vegan".If you continue to enjoy eating meat and fish, you can easily realize a vegan table at home in 20 minutes. All the ingredients and recipes will be delivered to you, so you don't need to have any difficult knowledge or time. From October 2019, we have developed more than 10 kinds of menus, and the total number of vegan meals sold is more than 70 million meals * 100, and the number of regular members is 1 *. Beyond 6000, we are expanding its support even further. In February 2021, we received the "Social Products Award" for our proposal for a sustainable diet at the "Social Products Award 2".
* 3: Cumulative total from November 2019 to October 11, 2021
* 4: Total number of registered students for courses started in February and November 2020

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