From the vegan meal kit brand "Purple Carrot", the vegan ramen meal kit "Soranoiro Miso Ramen" supervised by Mr. Chihiro Miyazaki of the ramen shop "Soranoiro" published in Michelin Bib Gourmand for 3 consecutive years will be released on September 2021, 9. (Thursday) Sales start.

A menu for vegans that is attracting attention for new eating habits

As the number of meals at home increases, vegan foods that are "healthy and full of vegetables" are becoming more popular. Sales of the vegan meal kit "Purple Carrot", which went on sale in October 2019, have quadrupled compared to the same period two years ago, and cumulative shipments have increased to over 10 meals.2% * of our customers enjoy the "sometimes vegan" diet, which is not usually vegan. * As of May 4, customer survey (number of responses: 60)

At home, under the supervision of Mr. Chihiro Miyazaki, who has been working on vegan menu development ahead of other stores, hoping that it will be an opportunity to experience Purple Carrot's "sometimes vegan" more widely with ramen that can be said to be a "national dish". Developed a ramen meal kit made of 100% vegetable material that can be easily cooked.Following the "Soy Sauce Ramen" sold in April this year and the "Tandan Noodles" in July, we will sell "Soranoiro Miso Ramen" as the third ramen series of 4% vegetable materials that can be easily cooked at home. ..

Thick noodles made with domestic wheat for special miso sauce

The original miso sauce, which is based on Sendai miso and Saikyo miso and has a rich flavor with kneaded sesame and Taihaku sesame oil, is a condensed method of Solanoiro.Maple syrup is used as a secret ingredient to give it a fluffy sweetness.The noodles are thick noodles made from domestic wheat with a mochi and vine texture.We have developed this miso soup and noodles so that they are firmly entwined.It is a satisfying ramen with plenty of colorful vegetables * such as bean sprouts, corn, tomatoes and garlic (the vegetables used may change depending on the weather).

About "Sora Neuro"

2011 Opened the first store in Kojimachi, Tokyo. It was published in the Michelin Guide Tokyo Bib Gourmand for the third consecutive year since 1."Vegetablesoba", which uses vegetables for noodles, soup, and toppings, is very popular."Vegan Veggie Soba" was added to the grand menu after participating in Paris Ramen Week in France.We are constantly proposing new ramen and expanding our support.

About Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit brand that anyone can realize "sometimes vegan".If you continue to enjoy eating meat and fish, you can easily realize a vegan table at home in 20 minutes. All the ingredients and recipes will be delivered to you, so you don't need to have any difficult knowledge or time.


* 1: Cumulative total from November 2019 to the end of March 11 * 2021: Number of course registrants starting in February 3

■ Purple Carrot "Sora Neuro Miso Ramen"
Sale period: Thursday, December 2021, 9 23:10 to Thursday, December 00, 9:30
Price: 2 yen (tax included) for 1,609 people

* Sold at Oisix and supermarkets (some stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area)

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