Taiwanese oolong tea with a rich aroma that relaxes the heart and rediscovers the new charm of tea.Three flavors, "Organic Four Seasons Spring Oolong Tea," "Organic Larayan Seishin Oolong Tea," and "Ariyama Takayama Oolong Tea," which are perfect for your usual dining table or for a relaxing tea time, will be available on Monday, November 3, 2021. )New release.

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The charm of "Taiwan Oolong Tea" that is kind to both the earth and people

1. "Traceability" to understand the face of the producer
The "Arisan Taiwan Oolong Tea Series" values ​​the traceability of "where, when, and how it was produced" (transparency of product distribution from production to delivery to consumers).

2. "Organic" that is particular about the production background
(Organic La Lashan Blue Core Oolong Tea / Organic Four Seasons Spring Tea Oolong Tea only)
Organically grown oolong tea is also rare in the Taiwanese oolong tea market in Japan.Because it is a tea that you can enjoy with full leaf, we are particular about tea produced in an organic environment that has acquired organic JAS certification as much as possible.

3. Various "nutrition" that is good for human health
Taiwan oolong tea contains "oolong tea polymerized polyphenol" and "vitamin C" by traditional manufacturing method without losing nutrition.The nutritious Taiwanese oolong tea can also be expected to support "being healthy", which is indispensable for a sustainable society.

Organic four seasons spring oolong tea

Named Shiki Harucha because it makes delicious tea anytime you pick it in spring, summer, autumn and winter, this oolong tea is characterized by a gentle scent like a plump flower that grows in Nantou, which is blessed with a warm climate, and a refreshing taste with a sense of transparency. is.A soft nuance reminiscent of milk with a refreshing scent like young leaves.It has a strong sweetness, a pleasant astringency, and a taste.Suitable for all Japanese, Western and Chinese meals.

Organic four seasons spring oolong tea full leaf 50g / 1058 yen (tax included)

Organic Lala Mountain Blue Heart Oolong Tea

A scenic abducted mountain covered with a spectacular Taiwanese veneer cypress giant tree.You can enjoy the fusion of the cypress forest and the nature of the oolong tea field with this blue heart oolong tea.A delicate taste that is cool and stretchy.It goes well with steamed vegetables and white fish.

Organic Lala Mountain Blue Heart Oolong Tea Full Leaf 50g / 1998 yen (tax included)

Alishan Takayama Oolong Tea

Takayama oolong tea, which grows in the spring water of Mt. Ali, which has a high altitude, brings out a mellow and pure scent in a rich natural environment.A sweet, fluffy and light fragrance.The nuances like white grapes are also characteristic and show various expressions.Suitable for soy sauce-based and fragrant meals.

Alishan Takayama Oolong Tea Full Leaf 50g / 1,700 yen (tax included), TB 3g x 5 bags / 1,296 yen (tax included)

About Alisan

Arisan's vision is to leave sustainable options around the future of food.Our name "Arisan" is derived from the beautiful original scenery "Alishan" in Taiwan, which is also the hometown of the founder Faye.It is a scenic spot designated as a national park consisting of 18 alpine mountains in central Taiwan, and is a place with beautiful nature.The people who live in the area have long lived in love with history and nature.The company name was given from the desire to create a place like Alishan.

Delivering the high-profile Taiwanese oolong tea to Japanese people, not as a temporary boom, but as a continuous support based on an equal relationship with producers, valuing nature and the richness of the heart. Is the sustainability we think of.

Alishan Co., Ltd.

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