Introducing "Luamo" make-up products that have acquired "NATRUE certification", a global third-party certification for natural organic cosmetics!It is a series product that can be used together with UV face powder "Luamo UV Powder Veil / SPF50 + PA ++++" that cuts not only ultraviolet rays but also blue light, and UV milk "Luamo All Day Protect UV Aqua Veil / SPF28 PA +++".

All 2 products including cheek color (1 colors), highlighter (6 color), eye color (2 colors), and multi-eye pencil (11 colors).

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Commitment to the Luamo Color Makeup Series

◎ Colors and brilliance born from nature
Colors born from nature, natural colors that bring out your beauty.The delicate brilliance of minerals and the luster that overflows from the depths of the skin.
The smooth texture blends into the skin, giving it a light feel that feels like bare skin.Gently protects delicate skin while maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

◎ Beauty in harmony with nature
Luamo's color makeup is NATRUE certified, the international standard for natural and organic cosmetics.A vegan formula that uses carefully selected organic botanical ingredients in a luxurious way and does not use any animal-derived ingredients.All pigments, fragrances and preservatives use naturally derived ingredients such as plants and minerals.We use sustainable organic farming methods, eco-friendly manufacturing methods and recyclable packaging.To the beauty of skin, mind, lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

◎ Makeup & skin care
Using carefully selected organic plants, it supports the original function of the skin while taking care of the skin even when making up.Utilizing the power of powerful plants, it protects the skin from dryness and leads to well-balanced skin full of firmness and moisture.

Line Up

■ Luamo Natural Cheek Color

For glossy and ruddy skin that melts into the skin and gives off a delicate shine.Smooth texture based on organic cornstarch.
Cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid protect the skin from dryness and moisturize it.
All 2 colors / 2.8g / 1,980 yen (tax included)

● Rose: Natural luster that shines from the depths of the skin, rose pink that wears a sense of transparency
● Coral: A healthy coral orange that brings out a bouncy look.

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■ Luamo Natural Multi Highlighter

Wear a moist veil and a brilliant aura.Put it on your favorite parts such as eyes and cheeks to make your skin bright and three-dimensional.Smooth texture based on organic cornstarch.Cocoa butter and squalane moisturize the skin.
2.8g / 1,980 yen (tax included)

● Champagne: Champagne beige that gives a three-dimensional look and sophisticated transparency

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■ Luamo Natural Eye Color

A powder eyeshadow that has a silky-smooth texture that fits gently on the eyelids.Smooth texture based on organic cornstarch.While cocoa butter and sesame oil protect the delicate eyes, the vivid colors give the eyes a natural three-dimensional effect.
All 6 colors / 1.4g / 1,375 yen (tax included)

● Satin Beige: A beige color that shines brightly and brightens the eyes.
● Mauve Pink: Mauve Pink that draws a gorgeous shine and a gentle expression
● Shine Orange: Shine orange filled with fresh and positive power
● Copper Orange: A dignified look, a copper orange that gives depth with light and shadow.
● Caramel brown: Caramel brown that blends into the skin with a matte texture and creates chic eyes.
● Chocolat Brown: Warm and impressive eyes, Chocolat Brown that can be used for multiple purposes

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■ Luamo Natural Multi Eye Pencil 

With a smooth drawing feel, it has a natural finish that fits gently around the eyes.A soft eye pencil that uses organic coconut oil and carnauba wax called the Queen of Wax.It can be used as an eyeliner and as an eyebrow.
All 2 colors / 1.1g / Cafe: 1,100 yen (tax included) / Blonde: 1,540 yen (tax included)

● Cafe: Eye pencil that can be used for multiple purposes such as facial eyes, eyes and eyebrows
● Blonde: Eyebrow pencil (with screw brush) that draws eyebrows softly and smoothly

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■ Luamo wooden pallet

A warm wooden pallet made of solid natural wood.We use properly managed domestic timber to protect the forest, and each one is hand-finished with beeswax.A special case for fixing luamo cheek color, multi-highlighter, and eye color with magnets.Utilizing Japan's forest resources will also help protect the ever-decreasing forests overseas.
All 2 types / 3,960 yen (tax included)

■ Beech (white)
■ Zelkova (brown)

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