"Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil" is now on sale from "24 ORGANIC DAYS", the original brand of Toy Box Co., Ltd., which handles carefully selected organic brands from all over the world!Made from 100% organically grown Koroneiki olives from a contract farmer in Crete, Greece.Carefully hand-picked olives are cold-squeezed within 6 hours of harvesting to create a fresh flavor.You can fully enjoy the original fruity aroma of Koroneiki, moderate bitterness, and refreshing spiciness.

[Characteristics of taste]
◎ Low acidity and moderate bitterness
◎ Fruity and slightly wild scent
◎ Refreshing pungent aftertaste
◎ Recommended for raw food such as salads and carpaccio   

Organic EXV olive oil

■ Organic EXV Olive Oil
250ml / 798 yen (tax included)
500ml / 1,397 yen (tax included)

Koroneiki species

Koroneiki olive, an endemic variety of Greece.About 60% of Greek olive trees are said to be Koroneiki, especially in the southern part of mainland Greece and Crete.Since the content of oleic acid is high and the content of total polyphenols and total tocopherols is also high, it is difficult to oxidize and stable high-quality oil can be taken.It is also known as a high-grade oil variety because of its small size and low production compared to other varieties.


"May organic take root every day, every day, all over the world."

By casually picking it up every day, your body and mind will be healthy, comfortable and enjoyable.

We select such organic items from all over the world and deliver them in a design that you can attach to.

Toy Box Co., Ltd.


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This article is a re-edited version of the "ORGANIC PRESS" article published on March 2021, 11.

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