ORGANIC STORY has released a new "Organic Vegan Curry Dry" that has acquired organic JAS certification!

An adult-flavored retort curry that uses domestic organic vegetables and is slightly spiced.Uses organic coconut sugar with a low GI value without using refined sugar.No animal ingredients such as meat, fish, dairy products or eggs are used, so vegans and vegetarians can also enjoy it.

Obtained organic JAS certification

ORGANIC STORY Organic Vegan Curry is organic JAS certified.

We are particular about domestic vegetables.Not only the standard curry ingredients, potatoes, onions and carrots, but also pumpkin, garlic and ginger are certified organic.I cut it into large pieces so that I can enjoy the sweetness and texture of organic vegetables.Also, organic spices are certified organic.Most of the natural retort curry has a sweet and gentle taste, but I dared to finish it with a spicy and slightly spicy adult taste.

No animal ingredients used

ORGANIC STORY "Organic Vegan Curry" is a plant-based curry with plenty of organic vegetables, without using animal ingredients such as meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.Without using refined sugar, the GI value is low and the blood sugar level rises slowly.We are particular about raw materials, such as using such organic coconut sugar.Organic coconut sugar is a natural sweetener made by slowly boiling down the nectar of precious organically grown coconut. The GI value is low and the blood sugar level rises slowly!

ORGANIC STORY Organic Vegan Curry Dry

Contents amount: 180g
Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)

Ingredients: Organic vegetables (organic onions, organic potatoes, organic carrots), organic vegan curry roux (domestic), organic pumpkin paste (domestic), organic coconut sugar (Indonesia), organic garlic (domestic), organic ginger (domestic), organic garam masala , Organic cumin, organic kaien, (some include wheat)

Certification: Organic JAS

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"Enriching the food of workers" "From the office, ethical"

We, ORGANIC STORY, are operated by IT-related SIOS Technology, Inc.Seeing an engineer eating an unhealthy and unbalanced diet in the office at least made me think that snacks should be healthy and nutritional.Also, for people who have never been interested in organic, natural, fair trade, etc.I wanted to create an opportunity to think about a sustainable society from this office.

ORGANIC STORY supports delicious and healthy food and lifestyle. We propose "ethical starting from the office".




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