Dr. Bronner's Two Paste has a new flavor, "Spearmint"!Organic toothpaste with 100% naturally derived ingredients.The combination of coconut oil and powder leads to beautiful white, lustrous teeth.Refresh your breath with a mild and refreshing mint scent!

Use of organic raw materials

A soap-based toothpaste based on organic coconut oil.Prevents tooth decay and prevents plaque, tartar and bad breath.Since it is used in the mouth every day, we are particular about organic ingredients and can be used comfortably by the whole family from small children to adults.Since no foaming agent is used, it does not foam and is easy to polish everywhere.

◎ No fluorine compounds, synthetic cleaning agents, foaming agents, preservatives, coloring agents, sweeteners, etc.
◎ No genetically modified raw materials
◎ No animal testing is allowed
◎ Obtained vegan certification

Dr. Bronner's Toe Paste SP (Spearmint) 
Contents amount: 140g
Price: 1,760 yen (tax included)

Use of fair trade raw materials

The blended spearmint oil is sourced from India through Dr. Bronner's own Fair Trade project.Locally, we promote regenerative organic agriculture that fertilizes the soil by increasing soil organic matter and accumulating carbon, and suppresses climate change.With the funds funded by the Fair Trade Project, many farmers have been installing toilets, clean public drinking water pumps, medical facilities, etc. since 2015.

[Dr. Bronner's Regenerative Organic Agriculture]

Agriculture is working to resolve the climate crisis.Regenerating soil and ecosystems that have died due to industrial agriculture and pesticides, and farming in a natural way so that the soil stores carbon, will help deter the climate crisis.

◎ No use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
Compost, biomass, and coated plants allow the soil to accumulate and cultivate carbon (humus), creating habitats for beneficial bacteria and fungi, and providing the nutrients needed for food growth.

◎ Conservation cultivation
Cultivation softens the soil and is useful for planting and weed control.However, common deep and frequent cultivation destroys the soil and promotes carbon emissions and erosion.By adopting a cultivation method that is less burdensome to the soil, it minimizes interference with soil microorganisms and accumulates carbon in the soil.

Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner's is a 100% naturally derived body care brand from California. Since our founding in 1948, we have been making products that are friendly to people and the global environment, with consideration for fair trade and the environment, in the spirit of "All One Vision," which advocates unity without discrimination between religions and ethnic groups.


Nature's Way Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1974, Nature's Way has pursued skin-friendly products and has continued to provide cosmetics that are particular about natural materials.Established "Nature's Way Environmental Fund" to tackle environmental problems as soon as possible.Part of the sales is used for environmental protection activities and social contribution activities.We are also working to reduce the environmental burden caused by corporate activities such as manufacturing and sales.Nature's Way, which wishes to contribute to society through natural cosmetics, will continue to move forward in relation to nature.


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