Organic herbal tea "ANASSA ORGANICS" using Greek herbs has landed in Japan!

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Anassa Organics

Anassa Organic is a Greek company that blends the tradition of Greek organic herbs with contemporary, innovative designs.For Anassa Organic, organic products are an attitude towards life and a way of life.We believe that organic farming leads to harmony with nature, conservation of biodiversity, improvement of soil fertility, conservation of ecosystems, and reduction of pollution by giving the utmost respect to both people and the environment.

"Anassa" is an ancient Greek word meaning "queen".It is also a very prestigious title given to an extraordinarily wonderful person.

Two founders

Anassa Organic is a company born from the ideas of Aphrodite Florou (right photo) and Yanna Mathieu (left photo).

The two women have long been managers of large corporations and have detailed marketing and sales knowledge. In 2013, I decided to make Greek products that spread the wonderful taste and quality unique to Greece to the world.And I thought it was a Greek herb that was suitable for spreading that special scent.

Also, because of the belief that herbs are not just fashion, but passion and should be protected as a way of life, we spend a lot of time on research with considerable thought and attention.

For Aphrodite and Janna, "Anassa" means "living organically," "choosing Greece," and "enjoying everything."

Greek organic herbs

Carefully selected the highest quality Greek herbs from organic farming.We use only organic produce from producers who practice traditional farming with the utmost respect and responsibility for cultivated land.Herbs are hand-picked and hand-sorted to remove impurities.Optimal harvesting, drying and packaging keeps essential oils rich and naturally scented.The use of whole leaves guarantees a consistent and high quality taste.No pesticides, fertilizers, additives or enhancers that regulate taste or aroma are used.

We use only Greek herbs, simply because the Greek weather and soil are favorable conditions for the unique and best herbs rich in essential oils.We prioritize the best conditions for Greek herbs, with a focus on healthy growing areas, proper cultivation and harvesting methods, and packaging methods that ensure their color, aroma, taste and efficacy are fully preserved.

Product line-up

* The reference price is the planned price (excluding tax).The lineup is subject to change depending on the import situation.

▽ Daichi Kanazawa Co., Ltd.

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