The long-awaited single-use size from the Asian plant-based meat brand "Omni Meat" has been released on January 2021, 1 (Monday)!

"Omni Meat" landed in Japan in May 100 as a highly nutritious, environmentally friendly, 2020% plant-derived meat substitute with the concept of "pleasing the body and the earth, and having a meat holiday."Since its first landing in Japan, it has been introduced not only in restaurants specializing in vegans, but also in nearly 5 general restaurants and hotels. Until 100, only commercial size (2020 kg) was available for restaurants, hotels, and some retail stores, but from 1, household size (2021 g) will be fully rolled out in Japan.We will provide full-scale home-cooked and retail development of plant-based meat, which is expected to expand in the future.

■ Product name: OmniMeat
■ Contents: 230g
■ Sales price: 590 yen (excluding tax)

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The "alternative meat" whirlwind of the 2021 topic is more familiar with "home rice"

With increasing attention to "food that is kind to both your body and the earth," more people are thinking about and accepting the ideas and culture of food such as "vegan," "vegetarian," and "plant-based." I am.

In 2021, when it is difficult to use restaurants, we will expand our food options to "home cooking" to create a more sustainable lifestyle for "everyone," "anywhere," and "easily." Propose an opportunity to choose through Omni Meat.Eating plant-based meat is a “sustainable lifestyle action that reduces the environmental burden” that we can easily participate in, such as climate change, health problems, and food problems.

Deliciousness that even professionals can understand, evaluated beyond the genre of plant-based food

Even in Tokyo, one of the world's leading gourmet cities, the taste is evaluated beyond the borders of vegan and non-vegan, from high-end restaurants such as restaurants in five-star hotels and major restaurant chains to familiar restaurants in just six months after launch. Widely introduced in a wide variety of genres.

The spread is not only in Tokyo, but Omni Meat is adopted in 7 stores in 30,000 countries around the world, mainly in Asia.We have companies from each country evaluate the reliable taste.

Features of Omni Meat

◎ ①Taste ②Texture ③Nutrition value ④Quality with an emphasis on price balance
◎ You can take it out of the bag and cook it as it is!Freely fried, grilled, steamed, stewed any dish
◎ Only plant-based raw materials are used (using materials such as soybeans, peas, shiitake mushrooms, beets, rice, and plant-derived adhesives and anticaking agents)
◎ Cholesterol zero, saturated fatty acid 96% reduction, calorie 70% reduction, calcium 267% increase, iron content 14% increase *
◎ No genetically modified raw materials
◎ No MSG (sodium glutamate) used (no umami seasoning)
* Compare estimated value with uncooked minced meat ratio (84% lean, 16% fat) *) * See USDA ARS FoodData Central for Standard Reference

Details of retail stores (as of 1/18)

National Azabu (store), Teng Natural Foods <Arisan Co., Ltd.> (actual store / WEB), commitment (34 stores), VEGAN STORE, Organic Plaza, Organic Mart Yokoi, Karuna, Super Maruoka, Warabe Village, Bears , Other stores handling Azabu products

▽ Alishan Co., Ltd.

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