Organic chocolate Chocolate Sole from Spain "Dark chocolate 73% hazelnuts" is now on sale! Approximately 1 to 150 organic hazelnuts are used luxuriously per sheet (35g).Dark chocolate with a rich and bitter scent that spreads in your mouth with a cacao content of 40%.We use unrefined raw sugar because of our commitment to the ingredients.To protect the environment, we do not use aluminum foil and use a paper package.Organic JAS certification

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Chocolate Sole Chocolate Sole

Chocolate Sole is a long-established chocolate maker founded in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1946.In order to maintain high quality, we consistently carry out the process from roasting cacao beans to finishing chocolate at our own factory, and manufacture discerning products such as emulsifier-free, high cacao beans used, and all raw materials are organic. ..Using cacao beans from the Dominican Republic, the variety is Trinitario.The result is a chocolate with a good balance of rich aroma and sourness.

Dominican Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Beans

The Dominican Republic is one of the world's leading producers of organic fair trade cocoa beans.Fertile soil, terrain, and rainfall have made favorable conditions for cocoa cultivation, and organic cultivation has naturally become mainstream in an environment where cocoa beans are less susceptible to disease, with little reliance on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.Chocolate Sole uses Trinitario cocoa beans, which have a rich and rich cocoa flavor and fruitiness.

Dark chocolate 73% hazelnuts

Contents amount: 150g
Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)
Country of origin: Spain
Ingredients: Organic cocoa mass, organic hazelnuts, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla beans (some milk ingredients included)

Energy: 576kcal (per 100g)

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