"Oisix" operated by Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd. will start selling the menu supervised by Emi Sugiyama as a vegan meal kit of "Purple Carrot" from Thursday, November 2020, 11. A mellow tomato cream stew made by condensing the flavors of three types of mushrooms, using vegetable almond milk, and seasoning with a special original tomato sauce.You can easily create a gorgeous and tasty vegan menu at home.

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A vegan yet rich "tomato cream stew with plenty of mushrooms" that decorates the table gorgeously

It is a gorgeous product that is perfect for hospitality, produced from the perspective of Emi Sugiyama, a cook who is particular about making dining tables. A mellow tomato cream stew that uses plenty of three types of mushrooms (King trumpet mushroom, shimeji mushroom, and maitake mushroom) to condense the umami, and uses rich vegetable almond milk instead of animal milk and fresh cream. is.A gorgeous dining table is easily finished.

Also, because it is seasoned with Purple Carrot's special tomato sauce and vegetable bouillon, one of the attractions is that anyone can easily make it without failure.It has a rich and rich taste that you wouldn't think it was made from only plant-based ingredients.Enjoy the ingredients with a simple seasoned salad and enjoy with plenty of vegetables.

[Vegan] Rich tomato stew (for 2 people)
Price: 1,717 yen (tax included)
Sale period: Thursday, November 2020, 11 26:10 am to Thursday, December 00, 12 3:9 am (for new purchasers)
November 2020, 11 (Thursday) 26:10 am to December 00, 12 (Thursday) 10:9 am (for Oisix regular members)

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* If the ingredients cannot be harvested due to bad weather, the contents may be partially changed before delivery.
* Ends as soon as sold out.

The number of members of the Vegan Meal Kit Course has increased by 35% due to heightened awareness of healthy eating habits!

Vegan meal kits are favored because they allow you to change your long-term diet at home as you go out more modestly and stay in the nest for longer periods of time.It is said that you can cook unexpected dishes using unexpected ingredients, add herbs and spices to plenty of vegetables, enjoy eating a colorful menu with a unique aroma and texture, and feel satisfied after eating even though it is healthy. The number of users who repeat the "new eating experience" has increased, and the number of members of the vegan meal kit course from July to September 2020 has increased by about 7% compared to the previous quarter (April to June 9). I will.

Profile of Emi Sugiyama

Born in an artist's family, studied abroad in England after graduating from Keio University Faculty of Letters.Obtained a diploma from Constance Spry Flower School, a purveyor to the British royal family.In addition, he will study entertainment and cooking at the same time at the adjacent Kanpana Finishing School.After that, he studied under Kenneth Turner in London and worked as a decoration assistant for a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth.After returning to Japan, worked for Christian Dior.Active as a public relations officer, planning many topical PR and events. In 2005, he established STEP inc., A PR agency that handles luxury brands independently.Work on fashion, gourmet, and lifestyle PR.

Cooking enthusiasts hold cooking classes and flower schools based on recipes that they have studied while eating around the world. In 2018, we started a series of recipes in Marie Claire style, and in 2019, we started a series "Tokyo Dining Out" that introduces restaurants in Tokyo. In 2020, participated in the "Top Chef's House Recipe" by the Japan Gastronomy Society as a cook.

About the Vegan Meal Kit "Purple Carrot"

Purple Carrot is a vegan meal kit brand that can realize "sometimes vegan (part-time vegan)".If you continue to enjoy meat and fish, you can easily realize a vegan table at home in 20 minutes. All the ingredients and recipes will be delivered to you, so you don't need to have any difficult knowledge or time. It transforms the new choice of "only a few vegan meals a week" into a sustainable goal.

Purple Carrot, which delivers weekly vegan meal kits to 48 states in the continental United States, launched its service in 2014. From July 2020, we started wholesale to Whole Foods Markets, the largest organic retailer in the United States, and the scale is steadily expanding.

In Japan, starting from October 2019, 10, sales at Oisix will expand the vegan food market in Japan as well. We have developed more than 31 kinds of domestic original menus, and the cumulative number of meals sold has exceeded 40 and is expanding its support. (Cumulative from November 30 to the end of October 2019)

[About Oisix Ra Daichi Co., Ltd.]
Oisix La Daichi Co., Ltd. (Representative: Kohei Takashima) offers home delivery services for foods that are safe and secure, such as organic and specially cultivated vegetables and processed foods that do not use additives as much as possible. We are developing under three brands, "Ya" and "The Society for Protecting the Earth".Based on the philosophy of "Future dining table, future field", we are promoting a business that solves social issues related to food with business methods.


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