Swiss organic essential oil fafara, eau de perfume, eau de cologne with new scents. Made with 100% natural, organic alcohol and the wonderful essential oils of Fafala.A complex scent harmony that is unique to scent professionals.Enjoy the organic yet finished scent.

◎ It is 100% natural and uses high quality raw materials such as organically grown.
◎ We do not use petroleum-derived chemically synthesized raw materials, nano-sized raw materials, or genetically engineered raw materials.
◎ We have created "aroma cosmetics" that contain essential oils as active ingredients.
◎ We are working on fair trade.
◎ For a sustainable world, we use 100% ecological energy and consider the environment.
◎ Animal Welfare: We offer vegan products against animal experiments.
◎ Acquisition certification: Natural & organic cosmetics NATRUE certification acquisition

■ Fafala Natural Eau de Cologne <Frangipani>
50ml 5,400 yen (excluding tax)
Unrivaled beauty.A fascinating magical scent of sweet and warm flowers.

Main blended essential oils: Frangipani, orange, iris, champaka, benzoin, etc.
Ingredients: ethanol *, essential oil
* European certified organic ingredients

■ Fafala Natural Eau de Cologne <Mandarin>
50ml 5,400 yen (excluding tax)
A fruity scent that pops.For a happy time under the shining sun.

Main blended essential oils: mandarin, lemon, vanilla, etc.
Ingredients: Ethanol *, Fragrance (essential oil) * European certified organic ingredients

■ Fafara Natural Eau De Perfume <Aura 1968> (Renewal)
50ml 10,000 yen (excluding tax)
A timeless scent that loves life and lives in love.Fafara's classic perfume that never changes.The popular perfume <Aura> has been reborn.

Main blended essential oils: lemongrass, neroli, angelica root, alpine pine, etc.
Ingredients: ethanol *, fragrance (essential oil)
* European certified organic ingredients

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