The sustainable plant-based meat (alternative meat) brand "Naturli'" from Denmark has landed for the first time in Japan!

As awareness of SDGs grows, understanding of "responsibility to create and use", "protect the richness of the sea and land" and "food" culture is spreading in order to realize a more "sustainable future".Even at the individual level, we propose plant-based foods that are directly linked to "eating is an environmental activity" now that actions for a sustainable future are required.

Stop at plant-based meat, which has many "soy-derived" products!Soybeans are said to have a great impact on forests and natural ecosystems, and the area of ​​farmland is expanding year by year.Naturi uses nutritious peas as a more sustainable option.Nutrients such as protein, vitamins and dietary fiber are also good for the body!With a wide variety of products, it is easy to get used to the usual dining table and arrange it easily.

* Pre-sale at National Azabu Shirokane store from March 3th (Friday)

About Naturli'

"Naturi" is a plant-based food brand that started in 1988 and is being developed in 11 countries including Oceania in Australia and New Zealand, in addition to Europe such as Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Unlike plant-based meat, which used to have many "soybean-derived" products, "peas" are used.By using peas as a raw material, it is said to be a more sustainable option than soybeans, which have a great impact on forests and natural ecosystems and the area of ​​farmland is expanding year by year.In addition, it is a good product for your body because it contains nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

In addition to products that imitate 100% plant-derived sausages and minced meat, we also have a wide range of products such as spreads and butter that make it easy to fit into your usual table and enjoy it deliciously.We are developing and developing products that are not plant-based foods born from cultural ideas such as religion and yoga, but are born from consideration for the global environment called "The Naturli'Way".

Features of "Naturi"

1. Environmentally friendly
Responsibility to make in consideration of environmental load Making responsible products
◎ Product manufacturing with a 2% cut in carbon footprint (Co60 emissions) compared to livestock
◎ 50-80% of product containers are manufactured from recycling (recycle% is indicated on the package)

2. Body-friendly
Contributing to a prosperous and healthy society with healthy foods containing various nutrients
◎ Contains various nutrients of peas (protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B) (protein% is indicated on the package)
◎ Uses natural fragrances and plant-derived (beet) coloring agents

3. Earth-friendly
Uses sustainable raw materials that can protect the richness of the land
◎ Only 100% plant-derived ingredients are used
◎ Free of genetically modified raw materials
◎ Obtained EU organic certification (spread butter)

There are 6 types in total

■ Plant-based minced meat
Contents: 400g / Price: 910 yen (excluding tax)
Use it as it is as a substitute for ground beef for bolognese or soboro.You can also arrange plant-based hamburgers and plant-based meatballs in a bale or ball shape.

■ Plant-based chicken
Contents: 180g / Price: 890 yen (excluding tax)
Plant-based chicken meat that imitates diced chicken.You can also enjoy it as a topping for salads, stir-fried vegetables, and as an ingredient for curry.

■ Plant-based patty (2 pieces)
Contents: 227g / Price: 820 yen (excluding tax)
A plant-based patty that is thick and has excellent response to eating.Unlike stewed products, it can be baked or fried, making it possible to make various hamburger recipes.

■ Plant-based hot dog (5 pieces) 
Contents: 300g / Price: 880 yen (excluding tax)
It features a dynamic size that can be used for hot dogs and BBQ, and a response to eating.It can be cut and used as ingredients such as fried noodles and stir-fried foods.

■ Plant-based organic spread
Contents: 225g / Price: 590 yen (excluding tax)
Rich in aroma due to the use of vegetable oil butter such as coconut and almond.Apply to freshly baked bread as a substitute for margarine butter.

■ Plant-based organic block
Contents: 200g / Price: 590 yen (excluding tax)
Uses oil butter derived from butternuts and has a creamy and gentle scent.As a substitute for butter, you can apply it to stir-fried foods, sweets, and toast.

> original text: ORGANIC PRESS

This article is a re-edited version of the "ORGANIC PRESS" article published on March 2020, 3.

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