From the Belgian organic chocolate brand "Montserrat", "Your feelings" Valentine's limited chocolate is now available!All products are organic JAS and EU organic certified.Organic, vegan, lactose-free, low GI.We use FSC-certified paper for the packaging, and join a group called UTZ, which is friendly to cacao producers and the environment and animals. It is a chocolate brand that does not compromise on the selection of materials for "your feelings".

"Bouquet coffret" series representing the brand

Montserrat is delicious and guilt-free.And it is a chocolate brand that is packed with tokimeki and is given to your precious "you".The "Bouquet Coffret" series, which represents the brand, uses the name of wild flowers blooming in Europe as the product name.The flowers are also studded in the package design.When you open the box, you will find a leaflet with each flower language written on it, along with an illustration of a cute flower that is the product name.When you give chocolate, you can give your feelings by putting it on the flower language as a hidden message.

Bouquet coffret all 6 product introduction

Bouquet Coffret Primvale 4 pieces 1,350 yen (tax included)

Flower language: Shining hope
Coffret that is packed with the standard grains of Montserrat and presented with shining hope

Bouquet Coffret Treful Blanc 6 pieces 1,998 yen (tax included)

Flower language: time of happiness
In addition to the standard grains, 2 new grains are included.A recommended box for gifts

Bouquet Coffret Edelweiss 8 pieces 2,646 yen (tax included)

Flower language: precious memories
A fun box with Himalayan salt and fruit accents

Bouquet Coffret Mimosa 12 pieces 3,888 yen (tax included)

Flower language: gratitude
A box where you can enjoy all the new bonbon chocolates that are typical of Montserrat

Bouquet Coffret Blue Bell 15 pieces 4,860 yen (tax included)

Flower language: Unchanging heart
A luxurious box where you can enjoy all the bonbon chocolates

Bouquet Coffret Coffret 6 pieces 1,998 yen (tax included)

Flower language: compassion
Eating and comparing only hazelnut pralines that are particular about roasting

Chocolatier Willy Desmet

Born in Flanders, Belgium in 1960. Inspired by his grandfather's bakery business, which has continued since 1910, "MONT SERRAT" opened in Anzegem, Belgium in 1986.At first, he made traditional chocolate, but he continues to take on new challenges in ingredients such as organic and sugar-free, triggered by children's allergies.It will first appear in Japan in 2018 and will be sold only during Valentine's Day.

Store opening information / Valentine 2020

Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store / Sogo Yokohama / Sogo Chiba / <First> Isetan Shinjuku Store / <First> Shinjuku Takashimaya / <First> Ginza Mitsukoshi / <First> Shibuya Scramble Square 7 stores in total
Opened at each department store Valentine's Day event.Sales time is the same as each department store session

Yakuhin Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

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