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Vegan dandan noodles made with plant-based meat

2020-10-20|Categories: RECIPE|

When eating instant noodles, the noodles are derived from plants, but the soup is ... When you say that, there are many vegetarians who make only the soup homemade.How about dandan noodles made from kelp stock-based soup made with soy milk?

Vegan ice cream made from tofu

2020-08-10|Categories: RECIPE|

VEGAN ice cream, if you don't sell it nearby, make it by hand.Make it healthy with familiar ingredients, tofu.Add richness and creaminess with coconut milk and peanut butter!

Day of the Ox.Kabayaki style of eel made with eggplant

2020-07-10|Categories: RECIPE|

Having eels on the day of the Ox is a traditional Japanese food culture, but in recent years eels are on the verge of extinction."Eggplant", which is a representative of summer vegetables, is made into eel kabayaki style! How about on "Sustainable Day of the Ox"?

Crunchy texture!Whole grain vegan scones

2020-06-10|Categories: RECIPE|

Whole grain flour is a whole wheat flour that contains the epidermis, germ, and endosperm of wheat, so it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.If you add whole grain flour to the scone dough, the aroma and nutritional value will increase!

"Vegetable milk" that can be easily made at home

2020-03-10|Categories: RECIPE|

The topic of vegetable milk now.Not only for those who can't drink milk, but now there are various options depending on taste preference and cooking purpose!Introducing "vegetable milk" that you can easily make at home.

World Report

Really evolved!Vegan butter & cheese

From March 2019th to 3th, 6, "Natural Products Expo West 9" is the largest trade show of natural, organic, health and eco-related products in the United States. VEGAN is still popular!As for butter and cheese, plant-derived products are appearing one after another.

2019-03-21|Categories: World Report|

Next to maple, agave and coconut, dates syrup

At "Natural Products Expo West 2019", we focused on 100% dates syrup!Dates are dates.Rich in nutrients such as iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber.It is characterized by its sticky texture and natural sweetness that is rich like brown sugar.

2019-03-17|Categories: World Report|



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